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Empower a Woman to Design Her Own Future

We're launching a fashion school and we need your help! In order to launch by June 2020, we are fundraising for 30 scholarships, renovation of our space, and equipment for the school. Be a part of developing the future of Uganda's fashion industry by joining our team today!


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Come Sit With Us

$15 allows us to purchase a chair for our school. We need 35 chairs total!

The Co-Creator

$50 supports our team in renovations and designs for the new space. Be a part of co-creating our dream!

Sewing Machine

Can't have a tailoring school without sewing machines! $100 equips a student with a machine for learning.


$250 provides a partial sponsorship to our one-year fashion entrepreneurship program. Your support will enable one girl to attend our program at a reduced rate.


$1,000 covers the cost of one classroom renovation. We have three classrooms to furnish and design. Do you want to put your name on one of our rooms, sponsor a classroom today!


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