Our Team

Susan Namirimu

Co-founder, CEO of MODO

Susan is the founder of MODO designs and a co-founder of MODO School of Fashion. She grew up in the central region of Uganda but has been living in Gulu for the past couple of years working to create impact through tailoring and fashion. Susan came up with the idea for the MODO School of Fashion from the realization that the existing market was not meeting the need.

Morgan Ginn

Co-Founder, CMO of MODO

Morgan has lived in Uganda for the past two years and is passionate about empowering women and girls. She brings experience in marketing and fundraising in the social enterprise sector. Morgan joined Susan in 2019 to help make the dream for the MODO School of Fashion come to life.


The MODO Team

Our team is committed to the principle that every woman should have the opportunity to design her own future! We are currently hard at work preparing for the launch of our fashion entrepreneurship program in January 2020.


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