Our Impact


MODO School of Fashion exists to:

Provide Economic Opportunites for Out of School Girls

Develop a Booming Fashion Industry in Uganda that is Being Led by MODO Graduates


35% of girls in Uganda drop out of school because of early marriage and 23% drop out due to pregnancy.

The above statistic is for the country of Uganda as a whole, but in northern Uganda these rates are even higher where the majority of girls drop out before finishing school. These girls are forced to stay at home to care for their baby or married early for their bride price (dowry paid before marriage). Because of this, women lack access to education and have fewer opportunities for economic development.

Our programs will work with child mothers, out of school girls, refugees, and any person looking for a stepping stone between where they are now and where they want to be.




70% of second-hand clothing ends up in East Africa.

The fashion industry in Uganda has not had the chance to truly develop due to the immense amount of second-hand clothing dropped in the country every year and the preference for imported clothing. This has acted as a major barrier to economic development and job creation for tailors.

MODO is working to raise awareness about the 'Made in Uganda' movement. Our team dreams of a booming fashion industry in Uganda that is led by MODO school graduates.






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