Every Woman Should Have the Opportunity to design Her Own Future


At MODO Collective, we create economic opportunity for women through fashion. We achieve this in two ways; through our vocational tailoring program and our tailoring factory in Uganda.

MODO School

Our vocational program trains out of school girls in Uganda in tailoring, fashion design, and entrepreneurship. Our one-year program gives women the skills they need to land a job in the fashion industry or to start a fashion business of their own.

MODO Factory

Our factory in Uganda creates dignified employment opportunities for tailors in Uganda while simultaneously manufactures apparel in a sustainable and ethical way for local brands and women-led brands globally.

MODO Trains Women on Fashion Entrepreneurship

35% of girls in Uganda drop out of school because of early marriage and 23% drop out due to pregnancy.

MODO's training program exists to create economic opportunities for female youth in Uganda by providing comprehensive training on fashion design and tailoring. Our program creates a pathway to entrepreneurship and employment opportunities in the fashion industry. We provide job placement opportunities for graduates in our factory.

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MODO Factory Creates Jobs in the Fashion Industry

In Uganda, female youth are 2x as likely to be unemployed in Uganda than their male counterparts.

MODO Factory creates dignified employment opportunities for women in Uganda while simultaneously manufacturing garments for local and global fashion brands. We are working towards a more sustainable, empowering, and inclusive fashion industry.

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MODO empowers women to launch businesses


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